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  • Phone:+91(80)23580228 | 23485317
  • director@sumanahalli.net

Ways to Donate

Get Involved

Sumanahalli wasn't built in a day! It took the combined contributions of many people and organizations, over the course of several years, before we were able to make an impact. If you think that you have something to contribute to Sumanahalli, whether it's your time, effort, or money, simply contact us via mail, email, telephone or even visit our campus. We're not far from the city.

Your contributions are always welcome to make this world a better place! Start small and enjoy the special feeling of having made a positive impact to other people.

Thank you and God bless you.

Special Programmes that really help

You have the power to change lives. Here is how:

A) Provide a home
Provide a home for a Leprosy afflicted family by contributing Rs. 30,000. As part payment for construction of a house.

B) Educate a child
Sponsor the education of a child affected by leprosy for a year, for a contribution of Rs. 6000 annually. (US$/ €120 or £ 80)

C) Provide a meal
Make your special days memorable by sponsoring a meal for our inmates. Let us join you as you celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries and successes by the following ways.

Vegetarian Meals Leprosy Inmates 6000/-
Non-Vegetarian Meals Leprosy Inmates 8000/-

D) Make any contribution you would like to. It will be received with the greatest of gratitude.


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